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SDE at Microsoft Studios, working with Kinect (since 2009)

Previous Endeavors
SDET at Microsoft, working on Direct3D 10 & 11
Experimental persistent web game: War.
Intern Programmer on AutoCAD (summer 2004).
Core technology designer & implementer for the Destiny3D 3D engine
Computer Science undergraduate student at Georgia Tech (c/o 2005)
    - Specializations in Computer Graphics, Computer Systems
President of Entertainment Software Producers, a gatech club
Member of the International Game Developers Association.

Professional Goals
Research and develop new technologies in the real-time 3D programming realm
Develop programming languages and tools to increase productivity and correctness
Develop and deploy games and other software commercially

Summary Bio
Graduated Georgia Tech with CS Bachelor's degree.
Attended Clear Lake High School in Houston, TX.
Competed in Computer Science competition and placed 2nd in state (Texas UIL)

Some notable facets of this site
Destiny3D development images
Article: Unified Occlusion Culling
#Lecture IRC logs
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