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Posted by Andy on 12.30.03
    Well, I got 5 A's for the semester, so I think it went well overall.
    I went skiing up at Northstar and Squaw Valley for one day each right at the beginning of my winter break, and it was very nice - fresh snow, sunny skies, hardly anyone else on the mountain. Since then I've been mostly relaxing, enjoying my time away from deadlines and scheduled lectures.
    I've been working on some Destiny3D code also, trying to open some content-creation channels so people can start actually getting their game content in the engine and see it in action. So far this has included a 3dsmax exporter (implemented through Flexporter which makes things quite easy although not as easy as they could be) and a .map compiler for handling the output from the various Quake-style editors around such as Hammer and Radiant.
    For Christmas I received a 256MB USB flash memory drive, and although it's not USB 2.0 it's still quite speedy. So far I've put some vital backups, application settings, and some hard-to-find downloads on it, and it's not even half filled up. I foresee this being very useful when carting data back and forth from my computer to labs or other people's computers.
    I hope everyone else is enjoying what time off they have for the winter (or summer if you're down under). I do know someone who hasn't had the best Christmas, and I hope things improve for them.
Posted by Andy on 11.23.03
     This post is going to sound like a blog; it's mainly just a summary of what I've been up to for the last few months, while this site has sat idle with no updates.
    This semester has been extremely busy, but it's been fun. I'd say my compilers course has sucked up the most time of all, but it's been a very educational experience, going from source code text to assembled program, with some optimizations on the way. Learning all the ins and outs of programming language implementation has also been quite enlightening. OS Design has been slow for most of the semester, but the prof just assigned like 2 projects and 2 homeworks due in the last 3 weeks of class, eek! Graphics has been interesting, covering a lot of methods I haven't come across already, such as raytracing and other offline graphics processes - I've been dealing primarily with real-time graphics rendering. My other classes - music history, prob/stat, and economics - are mainly for core requirement satisfaction, and I'm not really enjoying them as much as the CS classes; hopefully prob/stat will be the last math class I ever have to take.
    I'm hoping to finally make some progress on Destiny3D over winter break, after this hectic semester is finally over - my only regret to taking a heavy courseload is my inability to contribute productively to the Destiny3D codebase, so hopefully that lack of contribution will soon be rectified.
    Til next time...
Posted by Andy on 12.12.02
    I recently started up a channel on AfterNet for conducting organized (well, somewhat organized) discussions, question/answer sessions, and presentations on various topics related to game development. It's called #Lecture, and I have put the logs from the first discussion (Engine Architecture) online under the #Lecture heading. Take a look if you like, and drop by the channel sometime if you're interested in participating in the discussions.
Posted by Andy on 06.26.02
    Got a MySQL database set up, and I'm keeping all the articles in it now, along with comments and all. Got a nice Random Quote thing down at the bottom of each page, and I'm constantly working on Destiny3D - check out the pictures if you can. Work at Fuddruckers really sucks during rush hour[s] and when the other scheduled employees don't show up; apart from that, the pay is decent for a part-time gig and it's not too stressful. Come say "Hi" if you're in the Pleasanton/Dublin (California) area.
Posted by Andy on 06.19.02
    My website is up and running! I love this PHP stuff; it's a very powerful tool for making a nice website. I will be making lots of additions and changes here in the future. Perhaps even a picture here and there! Good times, they have arrived.

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